VDC Consulting Website


Client: VDC Consulting
Year: 2016
Project Type: Web Design, Web Development



VDC Consulting is a company that focuses on the development os innovative answers to the challenges imposed by the automotive industry.

We were in charge of creating a website that inspires professionals to reach maximum performance and potential. With a clean and modern design, it maintains the company’s original image.

The color scheme was chosen keeping in mind that it should be appropriate to the sector to which VDC belongs and remain coherent with the company’s logo.

Portugal Multimedia built a mobile-first website, optimizing its contents and making them compatible with multiple mobile devices.

VDC Consulting Website


  • Our team has developed a quality website that operates on modern technology, focused on VDC Consulting.
  • The website has functionalities and characteristics oriented towards the mobile user.
  • We implemented SEO techniques that contribute to the improvement of the website’s positioning on Search Engines.
  • We considered the most recent web standards while creating the website.


Each page of VDC Consulting’s new website displays a clean and minimalist design. Simplicity that grabs the user’s attention by focusing on what’s important, with no distractions. Even so, it continues to be visually appealing.

VDC Consulting Website

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