MSG Automotive Website

MSG Automotive Industry

Client: MSG Automotive Industry
Year: 2016
Project Type: Web Design, Web Development


MSG Automotive Industry is dedicated to the conception, design and development of seats for the automotive industry, both for prototyping and for mass production.

The main goal is to communicate MSG’s ability to develop seats for electric vehicles. One of our team’s biggest challenges was finding the right way to portray all of MSG Automotive Industry’s technological capabilities.

The new website promotes the company and its range of products.

In the end, we included all of MSG’s values in an effective way, without dismissing good design and making sure the website performs without flaws.


Our main concern was with information architecture (IA).

The nature of the brand appeals to a great variety of product images. With that in mind, we created an attractive visual, coupled with a dynamic layout where usability and navigability are always present.

On the forefront of our team’s concerns was the implementation of the latest responsive design philosophy. Therefore, the website was projected to be mobile-first, allowing for a great level of ease when it comes to the user’s search for information, no matter what device is being used.

We were also responsible for the implementation of SEO techniques, contributing to the betterment of MSG’s ranking on Search Engine results.

This project was a challenge in many aspects. The quality of MSG Automotive Industry work and its technical component established the high level by which the website’s performance had to abide. The challenge was a success for both the brand and our team.

MSG Automotive Website

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